What to remember – the terrorist attacks in Paris

Several terrorist attacks have occurred on at least six different points, the Stade de France in the heart of Paris made Friday at least 120 deaths, according to a provisional toll.

5 dead at the Stade de France
The attack was first produced at 21:20 at the Stade de France, north of Paris, where three explosions were heard around the sports arena during the friendly match between France and Germany, before 80,000 spectators. Five people at least died. Two explosions occurred Jules Rimet Street, in Saint-Denis: at least one of them is the work of a suicide bomber who himself died by being blown up with an explosive belt, the other is of unknown origin. The third took place in La Plaine-Saint-Denis, near a McDonald’s restaurant, also near the stadium. Francois Hollande, on the spot, was immediately evacuated, while the entrances and exits of the stadium were immediately fastened. The match continued to the end, and the public was finally evacuated in relative calm.

At least “a hundred dead” at the Bataclan
Meanwhile, at the Bataclan, Boulevard Voltaire (eleventh arrondissement), where they attended a rock concert, several armed men openly fired in the auditorium, shouting “Allah Akbar”, killing a hundred people during a hostage taking nearly three hours. “I have heard clearly tell the hostages ‘It is the fault of Holland, it is the fault of your President, it does not have to intervene in Syria’. They also spoke of Iraq,” he told Janaszak Pierre, 35, radio host and TV that was in the room. “With my mother was able to escape the Bataclan (…), the shooting was avoided, there were plenty of people all over the ground,” he told the young man, named Louis. “Some guys arrived, they started shooting at the entrance.”
The assault was launched by police shortly before half past midnight and ended around 1am. Bilan, dozens killed, including three attackers

10th and 11th arrondissements. Several dozen deaths
Two restaurants, “Little Cambodia” rue Bichat and “Beauty team”, located rue de Charonne were targeted by shootings. On the other shootings occurred outside the bar Le Carillon at the intersection of Bichat / Alibert, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, at the intersection of Rue du Faubourg-du-Temple, and boulevard Voltaire.

The state of emergency decreed in France with border controls
The President of the Republic has decreed a state of emergency on the entire French territory. It gives the government exceptional powers. The “White Plan” to deal with exceptional health situation was also triggered in Ile-de-France. Schools, colleges, and universities will be closed this Saturday, November 14 and school trips are prohibited throughout the weekend.

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