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Web 2.0 benefits of e-learning

What benefits can be gained from learning 2.0? This is a question raised by the study of a team of researchers from the universities of Stendhal (Grenoble) and Luxembourg based on three communities of learning foreign languages ​​online: Livemocha, Busuu and Babbel. With its innovative methods of interaction, web 2.0 has the potential collaborative benefits that language learning and stimulates the area of ​​e-learning.

An invitation to responsibility
The Network effect makes it possible for communities to get feedback customized to their productions online. The buzz created by the same trade can boost their motivation. To believe the study, the network effect can also be a guarantee of transparency vis-à-vis the involvement of the learner. Indeed, the fact that its activity is known to the rest of the community may remain inactive otherwise prejudice. Users who do not play the game are quickly set aside by the sheer force of the virtual community and network.

An incentive to support
Other methods are also used to stimulate motivation. For example, community members are valued and rewarded Babbel by a system of points whose number is increasing and is visible on the user profile based on its support to the community (active, production content and reaction around the content …). Another example is the community Livemocha allows learners who have the most points of access to other language courses, or even have other functions in the site such as translator. In short, learning through Web 2.0 encourages students to support and stimulate their responsibility within the virtual community.

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  • Online learning has become very popular because of its advantages which includes setting own time for studying. We may be looking for career advancement or may be interested in a career change and all this may require an additional qualification or simply you want to learn something new and innovative. But due to busy and stressful lives
    it may be difficult to take out time for attending regular classes at a particular time.