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Water on the Moon: The Soviet evidence ignored by the West (U.S. expert)

The American scientific community has long ignored the first evidence of the presenceof water on the Moon, obtained during the last lunar mission Soviet Luna 24, said Arlin Crottsbelieves, professor of Columbia University in New York.

According to the scientist in the early 1970s, most Western scholars believed that the moon does not contain water.

In August 1976 the unmanned probe Luna 24 reported on the Earth 170 gram sample of lunar soil. “The analysis by the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical ChemistryVernandsky showed that the water represented 0.1% of the total samples. Soviet scientists announced the discovery in 1978 in the February issue of the journal geochemistry. The article was translated into English. However, no scientific publicationhas reported the results subsequently of Luna 24 mission, “said M.Crotts.

A few years ago, the presence of water on the Moon was confirmed by the Indian satellite Chandrayaan-1 and several U.S. probes.

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