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Victory parade was held in Moscow

A military parade was held Wednesday morning on Red Square in Moscow for the 67th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Some 14,000 soldiers and Russian military school students marched on the place, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. 1100 musicians met several Russian military bands accompanied the procession.

Nearly 100 vehicles participated in the parade of military equipment, including vehicles GAZ-2330 Tigr and BMP-3 Rys (“Lynx”), armored troop carriers BTR-80, T-90 tanks, cannons Msta-S self-propelled, antiaircraft systems Buk-M2 air defense systems Pantsyr-S1, the launching sites of S-400 missile, Iskander-M and Topol-M.

Five helicopters and Mi-8 flew over Red Square at the end of the parade. They carried the flags of Russia, Armed Forces, ground troops, the Air Force and Navy.

Nearly 1,500 veterans who were only one third of Muscovites, attended the parade.

Parades commemorating Victory are also held in other Russian cities, they will last about 45 minutes.

In Moscow, fireworks will be held Wednesday at 22 am local time. The facility will produce 30 salvos of artillery.


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