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Ukraine: Tymoshenko denounces “a repressive machine against the opposition”

The opponent and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, judged by a court in Kiev for abuse of power, accused prosecutors Wednesday to serve a “machine of repression against the opposition.”

From the outset of the hearing, the defense requested the removal of two prosecutors, Lilia Olexandre and Mykypenko Frolova, five days after the provisional detention of Ms. Tymoshenko, which has caused outrage in the world.

“Prosecutors have committed a crime, they have become complicit in the pursuit of an innocent person and are part of the repressive machinery against the opposition, instead of seeking the truth”, criticized Tymoshenko.

“They do not lack boorishness when seeking to detain the person whom the Chairman (Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, ie) do not and will not see as a competitor,” she said.

The court rejected the defense motion.

About a hundred supporters of the face of the pro-Western revolution in Ukraine in 2004 gathered near the court and held up portraits that read “Down with the band!” (in power) “Yulia is our president.”

Considered since June 24, Tymoshenko is being prosecuted for having exceeded his powers as prime minister in 2009 by authorizing, without government approval, the signing of contracts on the import of Russian gas at a price deemed disadvantageous to Kiev.

Yulia Tymoshenko, defeated candidate for president in 2010 against Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, has continued to denounce a political trial.

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