Typhoon Talas: 34 dead and 55 missing in Japan

TOKYO – This weekend death toll from Typhoon Talas in Japan rises to 34 people and 55 missing in southern and western Japan, according to a new official report Monday.

Accompanied by heavy rains, Talas now removed the Japanese coast caused flooding, landslides and mudslides that washed away homes, roads, bridges and railway tracks, especially in the prefectures of Nara and Wakayama (west).

It is the deadliest typhoon in Japan since 2004. Most of the victims and damage caused by Talas were identified in Wakayama Prefecture, where 22 people died and 22 others missing as a local, Seiji Yamamoto. “Hundreds of homes were flooded. There are so many roads cut can no longer count them,” he said.

At least 3,600 people were marooned by overflowing rivers and landslides, while the efforts of the emergency services were hampered by the collapse of bridges to prevent the passage, according to Kyodo news agency. Tens of thousands of homes are still without power and telephone communications were disrupted again on Monday night.

The center of the typhoon, the 12th of the season was first hit Shikoku (south) on Saturday, one of the four main islands of Japan and the western part of Honshu Island on the night from Saturday to Sunday.
“We will do our best to rescue people and search for the missing,” assured the new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who took office only days ago. His predecessor, Naoto Kan, has been criticized for his handling of the crisis after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 which killed nearly 21,000 people dead or missing.

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