Those countries where the police do not kill

La police anglaise, dont un agent se recueille ici en mémoire des attentats de 2005, fait partie des moins meutrières au monde.

The English police, one officer collects here in memory of the 2005 attacks, is among the least murderous world Photo credit:. NEIL HALL / REUTERS

The Norwegian police have fired two bullets in 2014. Far from the American practice, there are some other countries where law enforcement is not nearly not make use of their weapons.


Agitated of overseas trigger does not really make emulated in Scandinavia. And because, in 2014, the body of the 11,000 Norwegian police has unsheathed only 42 times, less than once a week. The figures speak for themselves recently published report, two bullets in 2014, causing no injuries. Other northern European countries use similar results, including Finland and neighboring Denmark, but also Iceland, the Netherlands or Great Britain.

Norwegian police only costs Cheap cartridges. Its agents are firing on average three times a year and have killed a person for 12 years. In 2011, the year of the tragic massacre of Utoya, Norwegian police have fired once, Anders Breivik, wounding the head of the dead -77 killing. In this country at a very low rate of crime, police are rarely armed. Even as individual owners of a weapon are many legacy hunter requires. With 31.1 guns per 100 people, the country ranks 13th globally.

The countries of this size (five million) posting such a low use of their weapons by the depository of the public might be counted on the fingers of one hand, and, except for New Zealand, are concentrated in northern Europe. A few hundred nautical miles from Oslo, Iceland is one of those countries who do not know the crime. The police it used his gun for the first time … in 2013! “Let the police have had to use their weapons is unprecedented,” said then the police national director.

British police kills as many in 24 years that the United States 24 days

Other countries have banned the use of firearms to law enforcement exercise. Thus the Danish police were only discharged 11 times in 2006, while in 2014 the Finnish officers used six cartridges. To illustrate these data, said that the British police (England and Wales) killed many civilians in 24 years that the United States in the first 24 days of 2015. Note however that these figures do not take into account the riots that shook Ireland.

While recognizing that these states have allowed the luxury of disarming their policy in favor of a low crime rate, if any, it is known that it was not affected by this turning. No offense to Robert Ménard and other singers of security policies.

For comparison, even if the violence is disproportionate, the over-armed Brazilian police killed 2,212 people in 2013. In the United United, the threshold of 400 victims was taken in the first half 2015. In France, these figures are not public but associations hold counts, challenged, people fell under police bullets. What is known is that more and more squads, including municipal are armed. The Ministry of Interior for his part said that the weapon many agents still warm in their sheaths during their entire career. No choice but to take his word so the authorities, and to encourage them to make public such data.

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