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Les Etats-Unis envisagent d'entraîner des troupes ukrainiennes à l'automne, après la fin d'un premier programme d'entrainement de troupes du ministère de l'Intérieur ukrainien.

The United States plans to train Ukrainian troops in the fall, after the end of the first training program for troops of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior.
AFP / Sergey Bobok

The United States plans to train Ukrainian troops in the fall, after the training program of Ministry troops Ukrainian Interior said Monday in Washington General Ben Hodges, one of the American military leaders in Europe.

“We will have completed by 15 November training” of three battalions Ukrainian Interior Ministry in Yavoriv camp in the west of the country, said the general, who heads the US Army for Europe.

The United States plans to later ’cause soldiers under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, but “the final decision has not been taken,” said the general at a press conference at the Pentagon. The training would focus on basic tactical activities, including on techniques to preserve the lives of soldiers and the highly competitive environment operations, according to the general.

“This is a very effective way of help Ukrainians, and it shows that we are with them, “said General Hodges. But such a decision requires an agreement with the US allies in Europe, and General recalled that it was “of utmost importance” to maintain the unity of the 28 members of NATO against Russia. “The opinion of each of the 28 nations counts,” he insisted.

“Not necessarily with the aim of Russia to take control of east Ukraine “

Asked about the situation in the east of Ukraine, General Hodges said that all signs observed in previous attacks by pro-Russian separatists were present . “But there’s nothing that says that this is imminent or inevitable,” he said about a possible new offensive.

In the longer term, the general considered that it was not necessarily the aim of Russia to take control of the eastern Ukraine, or to seek to create a land corridor linking Russia to the Crimean Peninsula in particular taking great Mariupol, on the banks of the Sea of ​​Azov. Create a land corridor to the Crimea would claim resources away from pro-Russian rebels, forcing the Russian forces to get involved in an open, said the general.

“The interest of the Russia is to keep Ukraine in turmoil, dysfunctional, “to prevent it closer to Europeans and join the European Union, he concluded.

VIDEO. Ukraine: outbreak of violence in eastern

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