The uncrowned kings

Le prince Louis de Bourbon aux Invalides, en 2011. Une querelle dynastique portant sur la couronne de France oppose historiquement les Bourbons et les Orléans..

Prince Louis de Bourbon in the Invalides in 2011. dynastic dispute on the crown of France historically opposed the Bourbons and Orleans .. Photo credits: Ammar Abd Rabbo / ABACA

SURVEY – Driven from their thrones and their court by wars, occupations and revolutions, the heirs of the royal families of Europe have experienced a dark period, that of exile. To the east of the continent, subject to the Communist yoke, they were often stripped of their property, violated, robbed. But the fall of the Soviet Union and the dismantling of the Iron Curtain allowed them to make an unexpected return to their respective countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Albania … Even if democracy has supplanted the monarchy there, they continue to play a role and are often more popular than the Presidents. The revenge of history.

France may well be the country of Hugh Capet, Louis XIV and Salic laws, it is also one where the restoration of the monarchy seems more unlikely. The Constitution provided that mentalities prohibit any setbacks.

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