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The UN confirmed the withdrawal of Sudanese troops in Abyei

The UN confirmed the withdrawal of Sudanese troops in the disputed region of Abyei,on the border with southern Sudan, said the spokesman Kieran Dwyer UN.

“The mission of peacekeeping to the UN in Abyei confirmed that the withdrawal of Sudan Armed Forces of the Abyei area was completed late in the evening (Tuesday),” said M.Dwyer.

The oil region of Abyei was occupied by the Sudanese army in May 2011 following an attack south Sudan.

The redeployment of Sudanese troops outside the region was decided following the adoption in early May, a resolution by the Security Council UN demanding an end toclashes in the border areas and their demilitarization. On 10 May, 700 police officersdeployed in South Sudan in Abyei have left this disputed region. Khartoum said May 13that it would withdraw its forces once would set up a joint administration with Juba to manage the region.

After the separation of Southern Sudan, Khartoum and Juba failed to agree on the status of Abyei. The fate of this region should be determined in a referendum organizedspecifically for this purpose. But it was postponed indefinitely, failing agreementbetween North and South on the right Misseriya nomadic Arabs (who support the Khartoum government) to take part in this referendum.

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