The Syrian issue opposes the G20 table discussions in Turkey

«Déclarons une zone libérée du terrorisme. Ainsi, ceux qui arrivent de Syrie ne partiront plus en Europe. Nous les placerons dans des logements qui seront établis dans cette région», a lancé Recep Tayyip Erdogan (ici le 4 novembre, à Ankara), le président turc.

“Declare a liberated area of ​​terrorism. Thus, those coming from Syria will go more in Europe. We will place them in units to be established in this region, “commented Recep Tayyip Erdogan (here November 4, Ankara), Turkish President Photo Credits:. Kayhan Ozer / AP

The European Union proposed in Ankara 3 billion euros, liberalization of visa and an acceleration of the accession process to the EU in exchange for “fixing “Refugees in Turkey, and strengthening border controls.

correspondent in Istanbul

” The war in Syria. ” On the eve of the G20, the word is on everyone’s lips. And for good reason: the annual summit of heads of state, usually largely devoted to the economy, which takes place this year in Antalya, coincides with the burning issue of the country bordering Turkey.

sign of the urgency of the situation, the issue of refugees and terrorism was even chosen as the central theme of the working dinner this Sunday, November 15th. An ideal opportunity for the authorities in Ankara to put on the discussion table their idea of ​​a “buffer zone” – which remains controversial, especially in Washington – north of Syria to limit …

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