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The smallest man on the planet lives in the Philippines

Junrey Balawing, a Filipino whose size is 59.93 inches, was officially declared the smallest man in the world, reported the Western media on Sunday.

The young man entered the Guinness Book of Records the day of his 18th birthday, an anniversary that allows it to be officially recognized by Guinness World Records organization.

Junrey Balawing is the son of a blacksmith and the eldest of four children, all of normal size to himself, and lives in the village of Sindangan on the island of Mindanao (south).

According to his father, the boy was an infant in poor health and had stopped growing at the age of two years. The doctors were never able to establish the causes of this growth arrest. Friends and relatives of Junrey are very protective towards of his and see him as a physical characteristic lucky.

The previous record belonged to the Nepalese Khagendra Thapa Magar, measuring 67.08 cm and was proclaimed the smallest man in the world in October 2010.

Follow the link to see the Video:

New world’s shortest man? Filipino Junrey Balawing

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