The proposed referendum against President provokes new violence in Venezuela

La police antiémeutes tire des balles de caoutchouc sur les étudiants qui veulent le départ du président, à Caracas, le 9 juin 2016.

the leader of the parliamentary opposition in Venezuela has been injured, Thursday, June 9, during clashes with government supporters in a country turned around the proposed referendum to revoke the socialist president Nicolas Maduro. Julio Borges, leader of the parliamentary group of the Table for Democratic Unity (MUD, center right), was hit with a metal bar and received punches and kicks.
These new clashes in Venezuela a full economic and social chaos erupted when a group of Chavez supporters (named after the former president Hugo Chavez, 1999-2013) objected to a delegation of 70 opposition members from the Board National electoral (CNE), in the center of Caracas, accompanied by dozens of supporters of the MUD, a majority in Parliament. “The recall referendum now” “hungry” , shouted the opposition to the pro-government supporters who answered their singing “This Assembly will fall “

recall referendum

the opposition demands that the CNE launches next steps to activate the recall referendum against President Maduro, elected until 2019, after confirming 1.3 million signatures in favor of this consultation. To provoke new elections, the referendum must be held before 10 January 2017, Maduro otherwise would simply be replaced by his vice president.

But the opposition accuses election authorities to make the game of Chavismo seeking to delay the process. In the street, mobilization appears to be limited by the massive police deployment, from everyday life to find food and divisions of the opposition. The Supreme Court banned the media lynching any dissemination of videos, become more numerous, as looting, with increasing popular anger. Julio Borges accused a general of the army for having allowed the deputies unprotected from Chavistas.

“This government will fall “

Elsewhere in Caracas, hundreds of students demonstrated Thursday at the cries of ” This government will fall “. They also wanted to join the CNE, but were stopped by a hundred members of the security forces. In response to these almost daily demonstrations, the government has called on his supporters to march also facing the presidential palace of Miraflores.

Venezuela is on the brink of collapse for months, torn arm wrestling policy between Parliament, controlled by the opposition, and the Socialist government of popular exasperation background related to the economic collapse of the oil country. Faced with a severe shortage of food and medicine, daily power cuts, only open public services two days a week, seven out of ten Venezuelans want the departure of the head of state.

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