The proliferation of jellyfish, probably a result of overfishing

The proliferation of jellyfish in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, leading regularly to the temporary closure of beaches, could be a result of overexploitation of fish stocks by European fishermen, reported the alliance OCEAN2012 on Thursday.

A study of this group of a hundred organizations of defense of marine ecosystems, “the shoals of jellyfish and increasing pressure from human activities such as overfishing, would be the most likely cause “.

OCEAN2012 notes that “the removal of too many fish in these ecosystems provides an ecological niche of these jellyfish, where they can thrive.”

The document states, however, that this factor is one of the possible causes put forward by scientists and politicians to explain the proliferation of jellyfish along with the changing currents, salinity or water temperature or change climate.

“Some researchers say, according OCEAN2012 that overfishing of jellyfish populations can grow exponentially.”

The alliance says, citing 2011 figures, that among the stocks for which data were available in the EU, 63% were over-fished against 28% worldwide. For the Mediterranean, the situation was even more alarming with 82% of known victims stocks from overfishing.

To address the dangers of jellyfish, whose bites can cause burns and even death for people with heart or respiratory OCEAN2012 advocates a reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the EU on which the work Member States for several months.

The proposed reform of the CFP, presented in July by Brussels and strongly criticized by NGOs and professionals, aims in particular to put an end to overfishing by 2015 and create a market for fishing rights to help a reduction of the fleet.

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