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The Pakistani ISI accused of conducting a proxy war

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has recently accused Pakistan’s intelligence agencies to conduct a “proxy war” by exploiting the Haqqani network in Afghanistan.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chief of Staff of the U.S. military said it had a four-hour discussion with his Pakistani counterpart, he urged to break with the Islamic movement allied with the Taliban.

“(…) We discussed the need for a withdrawal of the Haqqani network and, specifically, the need to break with the ISI and Haqqani with this his war by proxy,” he said Tuesday in a speech at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“The ISI does (…) a long time. It is a strategy in the country and I think that this strategic approach has to change,” added the officer.

Washington has blamed the Haqqani network after the attack last week, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. The U.S. administration had already suggested that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the Pakistani military intelligence, had ties to the movement to a margin of maneuver, regardless of the outcome of the Afghan conflict.

“In the past, they said that Pakistan would close his eyes on Haqqani, but this term is close to war again,” observes Rahimullah Yusufzai, editor of the edition of Peshawar The News and expert from Afghanistan.

Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of the movement, has made a name in the resistance against the Soviet occupation in the 80’s. His bravery and leadership qualities of men have earned him the material and financial assistance of U.S. intelligence, Saudi and Pakistan. Its network is now one of the guerrilla’s most feared of Afghanistan.

“The Haqqani is the product of the Soviet Union and the war in Afghanistan and we were partners, they are children of this land,” said the press Wednesday the Pakistani Minister of Interior, Rehman Malik, Following a meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller.

“I assured him they were not on the Pakistani side, but if the United States provide us with information, we will act,” he added.

The Washington Post, the U.S. administration recently announced in Islamabad that without breaking the network and aid the removal of its leaders, “the U.S. would act unilaterally.”

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