The Greek economic forces called to vote “yes” to the referendum


« Notre place est en Europe, nous isoler serait suicidaire », assurent les confédérations d’agriculteurs, d’exportateurs, des ingénieurs et entrepreneurs de travaux publics, des professionnels du tourisme et de l’industrie et l’association centrale des municipalités grecques.

The forces of the Greek economy – confederations of farmers, exporters, engineers and public works contractors, professionals from tourism and industry – and the Central Association of Greek Municipalities met on Wednesday July 1 in an Athens hotel to launch a solemn appeal to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum on 5 July on the reform plan proposed by the country’s creditors. An urgent appeal and alarmist tone in which he had criticized the government for having, by his initiative, put in danger the most important sectors of the economy and millions of jobs.

“Our place is in Europe, we isolate would be suicidal,” hammered these professionals with gravity. Andreas Andreadis, president of the Tourism Confederation, which also represented the federation of industries, organizations and businesses, artisans and entrepreneurs, said that a negative vote “would have dramatic consequences for 2 , 5 million private sector employees “, saying that there could be no alternative to keeping Greece in the euro area.

Even echo the side of the Panhellenic Confederation Agricultural Cooperatives Unions (1 million farmers) for which a return to the drachma “rush agony” of this already fragile sector. In the game, the loss of 2 billion euros of aid over 1 billion European investment.

“The weakest will suffer the most”

“It ‘ not only agriculture that would be affected, “ the president said, Tzanatos Karamichas, the entire Greek population. “We can not feed the country. The people will go hungry. Many public works projects funded by Europe , recalled the head of the Technical Chamber, George Stasinos. But it’s been five months since we have problems to receive funds and therefore for pay the workers. If we break with Europe, all these projects will stop instantly. The consequences are incalculable. “

Finally, the President of the Central Union of Municipalities and Greek communities, George Patoulis lamented that 4500 municipal services such as nurseries, clinics and care centers for the elderly are already threatened with closure, failing to receive EU subsidies already written down yet. “Again, the weakest of our society will suffer the most. “ And calling, with all other organizations, a start and a national collective effort ” beyond affiliations to political parties “ after the referendum for which they refuse to consider the victory of the “no.”

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