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The government “supports the philosophy” of the proposed law on the denial of the Armenian Genocide

The French government “supports the philosophy” of the proposed legislation to include prohibiting the denial of the Armenian genocide, said the government spokesman Valérie Pécresse on Wednesday.

“This is a private member and the government relies to actually vote,” said Ms. Pécresse during the proceedings of the Council of Ministers. The majority UMP has already announced it would vote this text, which will be discussed in the National Assembly on Thursday.

“The government supports the idea that genocide can not be denied. The Government supports the philosophy of this text and does not see an attack against Turkey. He sees simply a reaffirmation of a universal principle, which is that each country should look at his history, must have the courage to do its work of memory and watch his story with clarity, “said the spokesman of the government.

Previously, the minister emphasized that this text is “the negation of everything akin to genocide.” “It’s not a (proposed) law on the Armenian genocide is a (proposed) law that penalizes much larger denial of genocide,” she said.

The bill, introduced by the UMP, has angered Turkish authorities, the country has always refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide (1915-1917).

Turkey is “a partner and ally,” assured Ms Pécresse. “We obviously want to keep with the best Turkey relations. We have extremely important strategic partnerships with Turkey,” she said, citing Syria and Afghanistan. “I think it’s very important that these relations are preserved.”

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