The ex-dictator Noriega jailed upon arrival in Panama

The plane carrying Manuel Noriega, who ruled Panama in the 1980s, landed Sunday afternoon at the airport in Panama City, reported Panamanian media.

Manuel Noriega was taken to prison directly from the airport. Aged 77, he was handed over to Panama by France, where he was jailed for laundering some 2.3 million from the drug trade. In Panama, he must serve a sentence for the murder in 1985 of one of his political opponents, Hugo Spadafora, who was found decapitated.

Manuel Noriega was arrested in 1990 after the U.S. intervention in Panama in 1992 and sentenced to 40 years in prison for extortion and corruption. Later, this sentence has been reduced, first in 30 years then 17 years in prison for “good behavior”.

Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli has previously said that Noriega might seek an arrest as a prisoner whose age exceeded 70 years.

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