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The disappearance of bees could cause an increase of global mortality

Une abeille butine des fleurs de lavande

A bee gathering pollen on lavender flowers Boris Horvat / AFP / File

The dramatic decline in bee threat compromise the amount of vitamin A in crops. According to a report written by 15 scholars and published in the medical journal The Lancet, this could cause an increase in mortality in the world.

This is further evidence that the degradation of natural resources has direct effect on health.

“In exploiting the resources of the nature of non-sustainable, human civilization flourished but is now exposed to significant health risks,” it said in the report.

Climate change, ocean acidification, depletion of sources, contaminated soils, overfishing, loss of biodiversity pose serious problems for public health, especially in poor countries, warns the 60-page report.

Lack of vitamin A

If “pollination services” were to stop tomorrow, global supplies of fruit could reduce 22.9%, those vegetables by 16.3%, and nuts and seeds 22.9%. This would result in vitamin A deficiency in 71 million people in developing countries. 1.4 million deaths would be recorded in addition in the world.

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