The Dalai Lama said he was “optimistic” about the evolution of mankind

The Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual leader said he was “optimistic” about the evolution of humanity after the “century of violence” that was the 20th century during a visit to Finland on Saturday.

“I am optimistic about the evolution of humanity toward maturity,” assured the Dalai Lama during a conference in Espoo, just west of Helsinki at the invitation of the Cultural Association Tibetan Finland.

“The last century, we experienced many inventions and developments. At the same time, we had the largest number of people killed by violence,” said the Nobel Prize for peace.

So the 20th century “has become a century of violence,” he said.

In addition, “the last century until the end of the century, no one spoke of ecology, people thought only of material development,” noted the Dalai Lama acknowledging awareness of global threats against the environment.

The spiritual leader explained that “the problems encountered in this new century, such as terrorism, from the past.”

To avoid them, he said, “We must make more efforts in education” of youth.

One of the major evils that threaten humanity is increasing its population by the Dalai Lama who advocates birth control.

“The best way to birth control is that there are more monks!” He added in a burst of laughter.

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