The bodies of eight babies found in Germany

La police a annoncé qu'une huitième dépouille avait été trouvée vendredi dans le même appartement de Wallenfels, petite ville de Franconie de 2.800 habitants.

The Police announced that the eighth body was found Friday in the same apartment in Wallenfels, Franconia town of 2,800 inhabitants Photo credit:. MARCUS Scheidel / AFP

A woman of 45, who may be the children’s mother, is actively sought by German police.

This is probably one of the worst kinds of matters. Eight babies bodies were found in an apartment in Wallenfels, a small town of 2,800 inhabitants in Bavaria. German police actively seeking a woman 45 years old inhabitant of the apartment, believed to be the children’s mother.

The remains of the bodies were “wrapped in fabric and plastic bags” , police said in a statement. Thursday, investigators had found seven. During the search of parts, they found eighth Friday, arranged in the same way.

A forensic examination is underway to determine the dates and causes of death. It may take some time due to the “poor condition” of some of the bodies. “No results are to be expected before the beginning of the week to come,” according to police and prosecutors.

hidden pregnancies

Police had been alerted Thursday afternoon by resident of the town after it was found, in circumstances that have not been explained, the body of a baby in the first housing. The newspaper’s website Bild , it is the sub-tenant of the apartment. Photos places show a small two-story building. This is at the higher level that the bodies have been discovered. The windows, we see children decorations: butterflies, teddy and garden gnome.

According to neighbors quoted by the German newspaper, the person sought would have hidden several pregnancies. This saleswoman in a kiosk would have lived eighteen years in this apartment with her husband and three children. “She once said she had four miscarriages,” says a witness.

According to the newspaper, the woman described by her neighbors as kind and sympathetic, showing loving with her children. She would have left home in September after an argument with her husband. It would also have told it, when she was drunk, she hid the bodies of children in the apartment.

Many previous

Germany, like other countries, has seen several cases of multiple homicides committed babies by their mothers in recent years, often amid denial of pregnancy. A German woman had been sentenced to 15 years in prison after the discovery in 2005 of nine bodies of infants that she had killed.

In the United States, in April 2014, the bodies of seven newborn babies killed by their mothers in Utah, over a period of ten years, were found in his home. In France, in March 2015, the bodies of five babies were discovered at the home of a woman of 35, by her companion 40 years old.

The two most emblematic cases for the French remained the Courjault case, revealed in July 2006, and Cottrez case, discovered four years later. Véronique Courjault was sentenced in 2009 to eight years’ imprisonment for the murder of three infants, two discovered by her husband in the family freezer. She was released in May 2010.

Dominique Cottrez, a nursing assistant for 46 years, has, meanwhile, was sentenced to 9 years in jail last July for killing eight of her babies. She claimed to have been the victim of incest, and acting out of fear that the children are from her own father, who died in 2007, before retracting at trial.

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