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Syria: U.S. opposition to prepare the transfer of power (media)

The New York Times, referring to the anonymous representatives of the U.S. administration and intelligence of the Arab countries, reported that a group of CIA agents had been for several weeks in southern Turkey to prevent the fighters the terrorist network Al Qaeda and other extremists to get their hands on weapons supplied to the armed opposition in Syria.

The newspaper said the weapons to fight against the Syrian authorities (above all, assault rifles, rocket launchers, ammunition and anti-tank devices), are sent to Syria via Turkish border through intermediaries, there including members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood organization. These supplies are funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The White House refuses to comment on the news release regarding arms supplies to the Syrian opposition supervised by the CIA, but recognizes that the U.S. prepares opposition to the “transfer of power” in the country .

Moreover, the spokesman for the White House Jay Carney acknowledged that the United States contributed actively to the union of the Syrian opposition and the preparation of the “transfer of power”.
“All this happens to be. Together with the international community, we help the opposition to unite and organize. But as I said before, some of this opposition is hostile toward the United States, “noted Carney.

The New York Times reported that the CIA hoped to obtain more detailed information on the structure of the opposition movement in Syria. “The CIA agents are in the south of Turkey and they seek new sources of information and recruit people,” said an intelligence official from an Arab country.

Representatives of the American administration told the daily that Washington was also studying the possibility of providing additional support to the rebels, in particular, transmit satellite photos and other information. We study the possibility of creating its own opposition to the intelligence system and send CIA agents in Syria itself. No final decision has yet been made on these projects, the sources noted New York Times.

The anti-government protests which degenerated into armed conflict between the opposition and the army have lasted a year in Syria. Releases related to new armed incidents and new victims arrive constantly, despite the announcement in mid-April of the truce, in accordance with the terms of UN envoy Kofi Annan and the UN observers were called to ensure respect thereof.

According to information from the UN, the total number of victims of conflict in Syria exceeds 12,000 people, nearly 230,000 people have fled the country, nearly 1 million people need humanitarian aid. The Syrian authorities say that more than 2,500 soldiers and policemen were killed in clashes in the face of well-armed fighters, and civilian casualties exceeded 3,200 people.

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