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Syria: the head of the CNS ready to give up his seat

The head of the Syrian National Council (CNS) Bourhan Ghalioun re-elected two days ago, said he was ready to leave the post after a replacement is found, the Western media reported Thursday.

“I will submit my resignation after a replacement is found, through elections or a consensus,” he told Reuters.
These comments follow a recent statement by the local Committee on Coordination (another current of the Syrian opposition) who exposed the incompetence of the CNS.

“In recent months the CNS has shown that political incompetence,” said City Council by APTN.

Formed 2 October 2011 in Istanbul (Turkey), the CNS has been recognized early April by the “Friends of Syria” as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. May 15, Bourhan Ghalioun was returned at the head of the NSC for a term of three months.

Since mid-March 2011, Syria has been rocked by a protest movement against the regime of Bashar Assad. According to the UN, the military confrontation would have already killed more than 9,000 dead and some 230,000 refugees. Damascus for his part said that over 2,500 police and Syrian soldiers and more than 3,200 civilians were killed in the fighting against bandits financed from abroad.

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