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Syria: the government army patrolled by US drones (TV)

U.S. reconnaissance drones monitoring events in Syria a prey to bloody clashes between the regime and the opposition, said the NBC television network, referring to sources at the Pentagon on Sunday.

“Lots of drones operating in the skies over Syria to monitor military attacks launched against the opposition forces and the civilian population,” reported Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski.

Sources in the Department of Defense stressed that the use of drones does not mean preparations for a military operation, the U.S. administration hopes, in this way, get “visual evidence” for the international community to enable it to respond to actions by Damascus.

According to NBC, representatives of the White House, State Department and Pentagon have acknowledged that the Obama administration had discussed a possible humanitarian operation in Syria. However, some officials believe that such an operation is likely to involve the U.S. militarily in the conflict Syrian.

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