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Syria: the anti-Assad launched an offensive

Free Syrian Army, made ​​up of soldiers who defected from the regular army, began a “offensive” against government forces, said Deputy Army Commander, Colonel Malik al-Kourdi, was quoted as saying Pan-Arab Ash-Sharq al-Awsat.

“From that moment, all our work to the supporters of the Syrian regime is an offensive,” said the colonel.

He said the recent attacks in the city of Aleppo is the first evidence of the new tactics of the anti-Assad forces.

Friday, February 10, two powerful explosions rocked Aleppo, Syria’s second city in population, killing 28 people and injured over 230. The attacks targeted the building of military security and a seat of law enforcement. The attacks were later claimed by the free Syrian Army.

“From now on, each base of the government forces us to become a target to attack,” said Colonel al-Kourdi.

For ten months, the Syrian regime is facing an unprecedented popular protest. According to the UN, the confrontation between government forces and protesters would have already killed more than 5,400 dead. Damascus denies and says the country is plagued by gangs financed from abroad.

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