Syria: second day of demonstrations in support of Assad

Events to support President Bashar al-Assad and democratic reforms taking place since Wednesday in Syria.

On Thursday hundreds of thousands of activists took to the streets  in the city of Latakia (west) to encourage the settlement of the crisis in Syria at the national and protest against the interference.

Yesterday, there were demonstrations in Damascus and in the governorate of Hassake (north-east).

Since March 15, Syria was shaken by a protest movement against the regime. The opposition and human rights, repression of the popular revolt in Syria by the security forces have already killed more than 3,000 dead. Several Western countries have called on President Assad to resign.

For its part, Damascus Official denies that figure and said that nearly 1,500 people, 1,100 soldiers and policemen, were killed by “armed terrorist elements.”
Fearing a repetition of the scenario Libya, China and Russia have opposed, October 4, vetoed the draft resolution on Syria, Moscow rejects any resolution on sanctions.

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