Syria: prevent military interference (Russian defense)

Russia intends to do everything necessary to prevent a foreign military intervention in Syria, said the Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov, in an interview with television channel Vesti 24 on Thursday.

“As for Syria, we see how the discussions are tough in New York and we seek only to support our colleagues in the Foreign Ministry, committed to solving these problems. It is obvious that we deem necessary not admitted to military interference in the situation in Syria, ” the general said.

For ten months, the Syrian regime is facing an unprecedented popular protest. According to the UN, the confrontation between protesters and government forces has claimed more than 5,000 dead. Damascus denies this figure and says the country is plagued by gangs financed from abroad that have killed more than 2,000 military and police.

Fearing that the Libyan scenario is reprinted in Syria, Russia and China, countries possessing the veto in the Security Council of the UN, blocked on 4th February and the second time the adoption of a resolution on Syria.

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