Syria: Damascus crossfire

This morning exchanges of fire were heard in the neighborhood of the Syrian capital, struck  by two powerful explosions, reported local correspondent on the spot.

According to eyewitnesses, two explosions occurred near the highway leading to Damascus International Airport. Two columns of smoke rise above the city.

Ambulances were dispatched to the scene of the attack. The police blocked all access to the area in question.

For now, no information on the precise location of the attack, nor on possible victims is available.

Syria has seen over the last five months a series of deadly terrorist attacks. The attacks in question are mainly security forces.

Since mid-March 2011, Syria has been rocked by a protest movement against the regime. According to the UN, the military confrontation has left more than 9000 dead, and some 230,000 refugees. Damascus for its part said that over 2,500 police and Syrian soldiers and more than 3,200 civilians were killed in the fighting against bandits financed from abroad.

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