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Syria: Damascus closed the Libyan and Tunisian embassies

The Syrian Foreign Ministry urged the diplomats to Tunisia and Libya to close their embassies in Damascus in the space of 72 hours, announced the Arab media referring to a spokesman for the Syrian diplomacy on Saturday night.

This measure was taken in response to similar actions on the part of Libya and Tunisia. Thursday, the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given 72 hours to the head of the Syrian diplomatic mission and its other employees to leave the country. Last week Tunis said that did not consider legitimate the power of President Bashar al-Assad and began the process of recalling its ambassador to Damascus.

Since early February, Spain, Italy, France, Britain and the Netherlands have withdrawn their ambassadors in Damascus. The German and American ambassadors have also returned to their country.

Tuesday, February 7, members of the six Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has announced the recall of their ambassadors and the expulsion of Syrian diplomats.

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