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Syria: damage and victims of government attacks

Double fatal attack in Syria

The United States will soon lose all their influence in the Middle East, giving way to Russia and China, said the Grand Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, in an interview on Saturday.

“Americans only think about themselves, their economy and hegemony, without taking into account the interests of man (…). I believe that Americans will soon lose this region (the Middle East,) . and what will Russia and China, “said the mufti.

“The U.S. wants to open their umbrella over the region. They want to destroy our country and the entire region to turn it into a field for their investments. But we will never surrender,” said the interlocutor of the agency.

He said the Syrian religious dialogue advocate and support the reforms in the country.

“For the fight and the war will make us weaker. There is no struggle between the churches and mosques in Syria. We clashes between the patriotic forces and destructive forces. Our people are united and that is ourselves decide our fate, “said the Grand Mufti.

“Our people want to reform the country and we, the priests, we support their aspirations. We are against corruption and against the dictum,” concluded the Mufti

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