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Syria: Assad will announce a constitutional reform “soon”

Syrian President Bashar Assad intends to announce a constitutional reform in the near future, said Yasser Huria the senior Baath party to power in Syria.

“From the beginning of the political crisis, Damascus announced a broad program of reforms, many of which have already been launched. There is only one question, that of the constitution, and I hope the President will soon announce the constitutional changes and reforms in this area, “said Huria.

He said it could be “a new constitution that would meet all democratic norms and standards in force.”

“The reforms are now a national necessity,” said the head of the Baath. At the same time, “we will certainly not do any in a month or two,” said Huria.

Since March 15, Syria is torn by a protest movement of the regime. Since the beginning of the protest, repression has some 2000 dead.

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