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Syria: Arab League consider the first report of the observers

On Sunday the Ministerial Committee of the Arab League on terms of settlement of the political crisis in Syria met in Cairo, Egypt, to evaluate the first report of the observers on their mission in that country.

During the meeting, the Sudanese General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi, head of the Arab observers in Syria will intervene before the ministers to take stock of the first ten working days of the mission. Since their arrival in the country, inspectors visited several Syrian cities, including Homs (center) and Deraa (south).

At the end of the session, the Arab ministers will decide the fate of the mission. According to Arab media, the League could seek the help of UN experts, the presence of observer presence did not prevent bloodshed in the country.

In addition, ministers will discuss the issue of increasing the number of observers.

League observers were sent to Syria under the peace plan for ending the violence in this country and to establish a dialogue between authorities and opposition. Although the mission has started work on 27 December, unrest and killings of civilians continue in the country, 315 people have died in clashes during the last week.

Since mid-March, Syria has been rocked by a protest movement against the regime. According to the latest UN estimates, the suppression of the revolt would have done more than 5,000 dead. Damascus denies сe figure and says the country is plagued by gangs financed from abroad.

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