Switzerland celebrates the 150th anniversary of the conquest of the Matterhorn

En images. La Suisse fête les 150 ans de la conquête du Cervin
On tuesday  the mythical Matterhorn mountain was devoid of any visitor in memory of the 500 climbers who have lost their lives since the first ascent of the north face, realized there are exactly 150 years. The accesses leading to the pyramidal peak of 4478 meters on the Italian-Swiss border, also known by its German name of Matterhorn, were controlled earlier in the day by the local police.

For this anniversary, the Swiss town of Zermatt has declared a day of peace and therefore the prohibition to climb this peak, which attracts 3,000 climbers each year. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, municipal police with night vision equipment monitored the mountain. A policeman and a guide were dispatched to the scene by helicopter when two people were located on the southeastern edge. This was planned a simple hikers who camp there. Access roads were controlled from the Italian side also. The mountain is thus left in peace Tuesday. A grave of the unknown climber was inaugurated in the cemetery of the Valais resort.

Four of the seven pioneers died in the descent

The Hörnli hut, point starting ascents of the Matterhorn situated 3260 meters above sea level, was inaugurated after two years of work. The track opened in 1865 by the roped British explorer Edward Whymper was illuminated Monday night. The chain of light points consisted of 50 lamps which are illuminated one after the other from the bottom to the top. They shone all together about three minutes, restoring the ascent of the pioneers and their successors. A red light was also installed on the mountain. It marks the spot where four of the seven climbers roped the British Edward Whymper have unscrewed, July 14, 1865. The light show is visible three times every night.

The expedition part in the assault of Matterhorn 13 July 1865. The next day she reached the top, three days before a competing stringed area on the Italian side. The drama plays back. In the descent, the top four men, the French Michel Croz, the Reverend Charles Hudson, Robert Douglas and Lord Francis Douglas Hadow fall on the north face and crashed on a glacier. The body of Lord Francis was never found and further research will be held this fall. The tragedy of this first ascent also constituted the birth of Zermatt. Overnight, the Matterhorn has been known around the world.

One hundred and fifty after free Zermatt resort, has become one of the most tourist destinations in the Alps.

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