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Sudan: the South is preparing for a war against North

A new war might break out between North and South Sudan after the official proclamation of the independence of southern provinces on July 9 this year, said the People’s Liberation Army in Sudan General Malaak Ayuen Ajok on Thursday.

“The events in South Kordofan and Abyei in particular have created a risk of war. It is therefore possible that events similar to those that took place between Eritrea and Ethiopia after the division of it can be repeated in Sudan, “he said.

In late May, a month and a half before the official proclamation of the independence of Southern Sudan, the situation in the Abyei region (on the border between North and South) has seriously deteriorated. In response to the attack by Confederate troops against the government army accompanied by “blue helmets” of UN forces occupied northern Abyei, where they always parked.

This episode has rekindled the conflict between North and South Sudan. The hostilities have spread to the entire state of South Kordofan province of Abyei, which is an integral part.

According to General Malaak Ayuen Ajok, Khartoum activities might lead the South to start a war after its independence.

After the January 2011 referendum on the separation of Southern Sudan, the authorities of North and South failed to agree on the membership of Abyei. The fate of this oil-rich enclave should be determined in a referendum organized specifically for this purpose. However, the North and South cannot agree on the Law of Misseriya nomadic Arabs (who support the Khartoum government) to take part in this referendum.

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