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Somalia: AU peacekeepers put on alert

The contingent of peacekeepers from the African Union (AMISOM) in Somalia has been put on alert following the assassination of the Somali Minister of Interior on Saturday, Sheikh Hassan Abdi Shakur, said AMISOM spokesman, quoted by Arab media.

The setting was on high alert was prompted by statements of the terrorist group Al Shabab, close to Al Qaeda, who had announced his intention to “surprise attacks against his opponents, ” said spokesman.

Since 1991, following the end of the dictatorship of Siad Barre, Somalia is no longer a unified state and has no central government. The country is divided into several warring factions.

Recognized by the international community, the transitional government led by Sheikh Sharif Ahmed controls only a few neighborhoods in Mogadishu with the support of 6,000 Ugandan and Burundian soldiers AMISOM.
According to estimates by international organizations, more than 20,000 people were killed and more than 1.5 million have fled the country since 2007, the culmination of the conflict.




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