Skepticism about a role for NATO in the migration crisis

Des soldats macédoniens reconduisent deux migrants à la frontière grecque.

the Macedonian soldiers renew two migrants at the Greek border Photo credits: Boris Grdanoski / AP

GRAPHICS – Ministers of Defence. the Alliance will consider a request for assistance made by Turkey and Germany.

with the arrival in Greece of 70 365 applicants for emigration since the beginning of the year (*), the exodus that shook the EU since the summer shows no signs of weakening. No more than the steady stream of more or less convincing remedies that Europeans are invented to overcome collective inability to control their external borders. Under the double seal of Angela Merkel and Turkey, the latest scenario – using military means to NATO – is not a priori the less legitimate, or wackiest. But the option, dropped without explanation by the Chancellor after a visit to Ankara, leading diplomats and military scratching their heads in utter confusion.

Nobody ‘ considering using the “gunboat diplomacy” to restore order in the Aegean sea, in the middle of …

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