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Shell oil spill continues in the North Sea, despite the control of a leak

LONDON – The Shell Group has managed to stop the main drain of a drilling platform in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.

According to Glen Cayley, technical director of production activities and exploration in Europe, the group has managed to contain the leak of the main platform for Gannet Alpha, located 180km east of Aberdeen, closing the wells and isolating the reservoir. The second flight of lower magnitude, is more difficult to control, he added.

“The residual leak is in an area difficult to access,” he said. “This is a complex subsea infrastructure (…) It takes time for our dive teams to accurately determine where the leak is…” crude oil flows into the waters of the North Sea to the tune about two barrels per day.

In an interview with the BBC, Glen Cayley said that an investigation was underway to determine the source of the leak, which was spotted for the first time on Wednesday. The British government has also promised an investigation.

According to estimates provided by the Shell group on Monday, just over 206,600 gallons of oil escaped from the drilling platform. The oil spill has spread over 31km long and 4.3 km wide at the height of the crisis.

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