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Rush for iPad

Toronto – Fans of Apple products lined up again  in Canada, the United States and eight other countries yesterday morning,  where the new iPad tablet was offered.

The third version of the tablet was put on sale at 8 am local time, in some countries. Twenty-five other countries will have to wait another week.

The iPad the cheapest sells for $ 519 in Canada, while the more expensive version, which can access the mobile network and has 64 gigabytes of storage, is offered at $ 849. The new iPad provides a more powerful processor, better screen resolution and an improved camera, but these changes are not as important as those that had been made to the iPad 2.

“I do not think it worth its price, but I guess I am a victim of society,” said Athena May, a consumer in Paris.

Some 450 people waited outside the Apple store in downtown Tokyo. Some had spent the night outside.

In London, Dipak Varsani, aged 21, was waiting outside since 1am on Thursday morning, attracted by the enhanced screen of the device.

“The films are lighter, the game also, he said. I use it as a multimedia device. ”

In Hong Kong, consumers have won an online lottery were able to get their new tablet the only Apple store in town. The system, which required the submission of a local identity card, has prevented the visitors from China to take possession of the gadget sooner, avoiding at the same time to pay sales tax at home. The date of sale of new iPad in China has not yet been announced.

Two years after the release of the first iPad, the launch of the device has become the second biggest “techno event” of the year, after the annual launch of the iPhone. Consumers could order their iPad in advance and receive it at home, but many have chosen to go in person to the Apple stores to be able to enjoy the atmosphere.

“People stop to talk to us, told Harry Barrington-Mountford, a 22 year old Londoner. I am exhausted by cons, I only slept about 45 minutes. ”

Christos Pavlides got to a downtown Philadelphia store at 10 p.m  Thursday, to be the first to get an iPad. He already has the first two models and several iPhone.

Despite the competition offered by the cheaper tablet PCs on the market, like the Amazon Kindle Fire, the iPad remains the most popular model. Apple has sold over 55 million since its launch in 2010.

Consumers who have not been able to find one of the new iPad in stores in the first day will have to wait a while to buy one. Apple said that we can not respond to online orders for two or three weeks.

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