Reunion: an aircraft debris found off the island reminds flight MH370

The wreckage of a plane found on the island of Reunion on Wednesday it would be that of flight MH370 disappeared more than a year? For now, there is established but the hope is rekindled. A plane debris whose origin remains mysterious was found Wednesday on the shore of St. Andrew of Reunion, in the east of the island. Two meters long and one meter wide, which seems to be a wing piece was discovered by employees of an association responsible for cleaning the shoreline.

Entrusted to the gendarmerie brigade of air transport (GED), an investigation was opened to determine the origin of the flight track. No track is currently preferred, but three assumptions are discussed. Sources close to the aviation community exposes: that of a debris from the crash of a twin-engine aircraft occurred May 4, 2006 close to the southern coast of the island, that of a fragment of the flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines worn disappeared in the Indian Ocean in March 2014, and that finally a piece of the A310 of Yemenia crashed off the Comoros in June 2009.

An answer in a few days

After reviewing the pictures online news site Imaz Press Meeting had sent him, Xavier Tytelman, a specialist in aviation safety, told the website that “the size and shape matches (have) not to (his) notice to a modern airliner. ” Finally after conducting research, particularly on a “closed forum in which pilots, enthusiasts and aviation specialists” exchange, it is concluded that the “similarity is incredible” with what appears to be a box part of a Boeing 777. One hypothesis which is based on a comparative diagram realized by a pilot friend.

On a specialized blog, Tytelman states that reference is “indicated on the debris: BB670″. He added: “This code does not correspond to the registration of an airplane, or the serial number of a device By cons, if it belongs to the flaperon MH370, then it is clear that this reference will. identify it quickly. In a few days we will have a definitive answer. ” To recap, the MH370 flight of the Malaysian company connecting Kuala Lumpur and Beijing had crashed in the Indian Ocean around March 8, 2014.

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