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Putin will return unpredictable Russia (British experts)

The return of Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin is likely to complicate relations between Moscow and the West, and to undo the progress of the “reset” Russian-American, say UK experts and journalists.

“For the West, Putin’s return means that Moscow will become a difficult partner and often paranoid (…). With his reappearance on the international scene, the” restart “of Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama will end up in the trash” writes journalist Luke Harding of the Guardian newspaper.

John Lough, an expert of the institute Chatham House, is equally pessimistic about the prospects for developing relations between Russia and the outside world, evoking the beginning of a “period of unpredictability.”

He said that Putin could use this situation conducive to promoting the image of “external enemy”. At the same time, the expert believes that his return to the Kremlin gravely undermined the Russian domestic politics. According to him, this is the “beginning of the end”.

“I share the view that Putin has been lucky throughout the years, seen the growth of oil prices at the time of his rise to power, the presidency of George Bush in the U.S. and international discredit of Washington after the Iraqi war, “said M.Lough.

According to Luke Harding, Putin has lost the support of major cities and several representatives of the “middle class”. In this context, the new Russian president has only two options: continue to feed the opposition of “vague promises of reform” or resort to “tactics of the KGB” and hunting for “western mercenaries,” writes British journalist .

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