Prince Charles Breaks Record

Prince Charles has broken the record for the longest wait for the throne. He has been waiting for 59 years to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth II. The record was previously set by King Edward VII, who was Prince Charles’ great great grandfather. Born to Queen Victoria in the late 1800’s, Edward  VII became heir apparent. He was unable to takeover the throne under her death on January 22, 1901. Also 59 years. The record difference between Prince Charles and Edward VII—one day.

Charles became heir apparent when Elizabeth became queen in February 1952. Charles was three years old. With Queen Elizabeth as healthy as can be at 85 years old, it looks like he will continue to wait. Queen Elizabeth’s mother lived to the ripe age of 101.

William, who is to marry Kate Middleton on April 29th, 2011, is right after his father in line for the throne. The current rule is that the oldest son of the heir apparent will be in line for the throne regardless of any other children born. There may be a change in this rule. Nick Clegg, who is the Deputy Prime Minister, wants older daughters to not be passed over for brothers that are younger because they are male. He wants any children born to Kate and William to be heir apparent in the order they are born, not their gender. For this law to change, countries that are headed by the British monarchy will have to agree to the change.


Angelica Bee

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