Police evacuated Madrid demonstrators

A few hundred protesters were evicted by police early Sunday morning while trying to spend the night in the square of Puerta del Sol, in the Spanish capital.

On the evening of Saturday, a demonstration was organized to mark the first anniversary of the movement of “outraged”.

The requirement to leave at 22h local time, has not deterred some of them who chose instead to stay put. The riot police intervened and are thus dislodged the demonstrators in just minutes, reported AFP.

18 people were arrested. Two policemen had allegedly injured.

Still, “the night passed without serious incident,” said a police official in Madrid.

New Appointment Sunday

To protest against the evacuation, the organizers have planned another rally  in one place on Sunday afternoon.

The evaluation of the Spanish police, about 30,000 people gathered yesterday, one year to the day after the first breath of the protest.

The dispute arose on the Place de la Puerta del Sol, which had turned into a tent camp. The shelter had remained in place for a month.

Barcelona was also visited by the demonstrators, who were between 45,000 and 220,000, a figure that varies according to sources.

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