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Oslo, Zurich and Geneva are the most expensive cities in the world, according to UBS

According to the latest edition of the study of the Swiss bank UBS the most expensive cities in the world are Oslo, Zurich and Geneva, entitled “Prices and Earnings – purchasing power in the world.”

In contrast, the cheapest cities are Mumbai, Manila and Delhi.

To establish this classification, UBS has created a basket of 122 goods and services (excluding rent), purchased in 73 cities worldwide.

The base 100 is awarded to the city of Zurich. Oslo surpasses by a short head, with an index of 103. Geneva, the third city in the list has an index of 98.5 points.

As an example, Paris is more expensive than London, with an index of 74.8 points against 74.1 for the British capital.

New York is in 14th place with a score of 74.1 points.

Geneva comes in second position with an index of 96.3 points.

Paris ranks 24th in the standings, with an index of 51.1 points, or pay two times lower than in Switzerland.

London occupies the 22nd position (index 55.3) and New York on the seventh rank ((69.4 points).

Employees in Zurich, Luxembourg and Sydney are profitient the strongest purchasing power, according to the net hourly wage.

Every 3 years, UBS published a study “Prices and Earnings” thorough, updated each year. The last investigation was completed in 2009.

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