North Korea: Kim Jong Il posthumously promoted to Generalissimo (agency)

The late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who died in December, received the posthumous title of Generalissimo, reported the South Korean agency Yonhap on Wednesday.

The agency said the decree conferring the honorary title to former North Korean leader was released on Tuesday. The document lists the merits of the leader, such as the transformation of North Korea’s “nuclear power” and “immortal contribution to peace and stability in the world”.

In recent days, North Korea is preparing to celebrate the 70th birthday of Kim Jong-il. Last week, the authorities launched a massive monument commemorating the deceased leader. The inscription “The irreplaceable patriot, General Kim Jong-il. February 16, Perched 101 (2012)” was carved out of Mount Sokda in the southern province of Pyongyang.

The registration covers about 120 meters, while the height of hieroglyphs reached up to 10 meters.

Kim Jong-il, who led an iron hand North Korea for over 17 years, died Dec. 17 of a heart attack at age 69. His embalmed body lies beside that of his father, Kim Il-sung, in the Kumsusan Mausoleum in Pyongyang. On 30 December, the Political Bureau of Workers’ Party has officially named the deceased’s son, Kim Jong-un, commander of the armed forces of the country.

Following the death of Kim Jong-il’s birthday, February 16, was proclaimed the holiday called “Day of the bright star”. The anniversary of his father (April 15) is also a national holiday known as the “Day of the Sun”.

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