Natural disasters: already 16,000 deaths worldwide in 2015

ILLUSTRATION. Depuis le début de l'année 16 000 personnes sont mortes à cause des catastrophes naturelles.

ILLUSTRATION. Since the beginning of the year 16,000 people died because of natural disasters. (AFP / PRAKASH MATHEMA)

Heatwaves, storms, earthquakes, cold waves … Since the beginning of the year, Natural disasters killed nearly 16,000 dead, against 2.

800 victims in the same period of 2014. According to this study by the German reinsurer Munich Re, the earthquake in Nepal and the heat wave that hit India and Pakistan have between them some 12 000 dead. However, the number of victims in the first half 2015 remains below the average of 27 000 calculated on the first six months of the last thirty years.

From an economic point of view, the total damage caused by extreme weather rose between January and June to 32 billion euros, lower than the annual average of 58 billion. The invoice presented to insurers, it represented 11 billion euros, for an average of $ 13 billion in recent years.

“The natural disasters in the first half of the year show again that vulnerability to natural disasters must be reduced, especially in emerging and developing countries, “says one of the leaders of the reinsurer. He added: “At the same time, we see how the natural climate cycles like the current phase of El Niño can have different influences on the occurrence of extreme weather events at a regional level. It is therefore important to combine the research results with the trends in loss statistics ”

The main events in the world for the first half of the year.

Nepal On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated because Nepal, especially the capital Kathmandu. A total of 8,850 people were killed, and many sites of destroyed cultural heritage. Estimated losses were 4.1 billion euros, while only 128 million were insured. These losses represent a quarter of the annual gross domestic product of Nepal.
INTERACTIVE. Earthquake in Nepal
This card compiles data on the new earthquake and its aftershocks (in red) and those relating to the previous earthquake of April 25 (gray)

VIDEO. Nepal testimony after another earthquake

United States
The most expensive natural disasters for the insurance industry in the first half of the year remains the series of winter storms that hit the northeastern United States and Canada at the end of February. The estimated loss of 2.1 billion euros. € 1.8 billion were insured. Moreover, winter in northern United States was unusually cold and snowy. In Boston, nearly three meters of snow fell during the winter months (a record). Estimated losses are 3.9 billion excluding indirect losses such as flight delays, power outages and business disruptions …

In Europe
The most expensive natural disaster in Europe was Niklas winter storm, which swept large areas of Central Europe in the last days of March, with peak winds of about 200 km / h. Many buildings and vehicles were damaged. The overall loss of 1.3 billion euros, of which about 900 million were insured.
VIDEO. A tornado in northern Germany

In India At the end of the first half of the year, a heat wave in India and Pakistan has killed 3,600 people. While heat waves in the region are not uncommon before the start of the monsoon season, temperatures that soared as high as 47 ° C, were exceptional. In some areas, there was little wind, accompanied by high humidity, which only increased the effect of extreme temperatures.

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