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Mubarak never asked the army to fire on the crowd

The ousted President Hosni Mubarak never asked the army to fire on crowds demonstrating against him earlier this year, said the leader of the military  Hussein Tantawi Marshal in Egypt on Sunday.

“The armed forces fight for Egypt and not on behalf of anyone,” he said at the opening of industrial facilities in the governorate of Fayoum, south of Cairo.

“I testified before God and I told the truth.Nobody asked us to open fire and nobody will open fire” against the people, said Marshal Tantawi, who was defense minister from Mubarak during the uprising that led to the latter’s departure on February 11.

Marshal Tantawi appeared in private on September 24 as a witness during the trial of Mr. Mubarak in Cairo, which must include whether the former president is involved in the orders given to police to fire on demonstrators during the events.

The army in turn, ensures that the direction of the country since the departure of Mr. Mubarak is not implicated in this process. The withholding of the military during the revolt, where most of the repression was provided by police and thugs of the ruling party have earned a strong following among the population.

The repression of the uprising in January and February caused some 850 deaths, according to official figures.

The trial of Mr. Mubarak also accused of corruption, will resume Oct. 30.

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