Migrants Mexico slows the road to the United States

Une femme montre la photo de son fils disparu, lors d'une manifestation de la Caravane des mères de migrants d'Amérique centrale, le 22 décembre à Tapachula, Chiapas au Mexique.

A woman shows the photo of her missing son, during a demonstration of the Caravan of mothers of Central American migrants, December 22 in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico Photo credit:. Jair Cabrera / NurPhoto

Mexico has put in place, here eighteen months, one of its border security plan with Guatemala to reduce the flow of migrants who travel some 3 000 km to travel to the United States. A change of course with mixed results.

The news spread quickly that night in July 2014 when the Honduran maras killed several children, some as young as 7 years in a district of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Fast enough to Elizabeth, a native of this once quiet area, grab a few things and hurriedly left the country, his son 5 and 9 years under the arm, even before the day rises. “Every band occupies a specific area by taking the children to a neighborhood, they attack the future of the enemy group,” said the mother, who lives a few tailor in a modest building today in Frontera Comalapa in southern Mexico. “And when they are larger, they kill them if they refuse to join their ranks.”

As Elizabeth, tens of thousands of families and young people, driven by the increase of …

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