Migrants: Europe seeks the help of Turkey, with “clear rules”

Angela Merkel, David Cameron et François Hollande, jeudi 15 octobre à Bruxelles.

Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Francois Hollande, Thursday, October 15 in Brussels

GRAPHICS – The 4th European summit on migration crisis. has been dominated by the negotiations with Turkey can to dry up the flow of migrants.

Surprised at their own slow to fill the Greek breach EU capitals postpone their hopes on guards Turkish border. But it is to abut another dilemma: how not to judge by paying too high a price Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president they approached even with gloves last month.

This balancing act that dominated the summit Thursday 4th rendezvous crisis 28 Heads of State and Government dedicated to the exodus of migrants and refugees. The Turkish issue was not invited to Brussels, but all have been heard: in Ankara, at the same time, three European Commissioners – including Vice President Frans Timmermans – negotiating the precise terms of enrollment with President Erdogan. Since the beginning of the month, the promises are innumerable and it is a summit that returns the power to implement them.

liberalization of visas in the EU

” We have never been similarly courted “, recently let go a representative of Ankara. Apart from the EU membership, the catalog includes virtually everything that has so far been refused in Ankara, or at least deferred: the liberalization of visas in the EU (possibly as early as next year), the patent of conduct that would be the inclusion on the EU list of “safe countries”, the opportunity to attend regular summits in Brussels and credits that reach at the very least a billion euros . Best of all, Brussels has even delayed the publication of a rather critical report on the state of human rights in Turkey.

After six months of emergency, control of borders of the Mediterranean EU remains so dilapidated that, from a realistic point of view, it is no longer possible to slow the arrival of refugees without Turkey lends a hand. Francois Hollande as Angela Merkel have yet put a damper on the partition. Nobody knows how many of the 78 million Turks benefit of Europe without visas. But opening it would only add to distrust and nervousness of European voters already confused by the uncontrolled influx of migrants.

The Europe ready for many concessions

We must “clear rules” warned the head of state, arriving in Brussels. Liberalization must not be “under any conditions, with visas that may be granted to individuals who are not exactly would know the identity. (…) France, with other countries, will be very careful to ensure that the conditions are not only asked but respected “by the Turks, even tone from the Chancellor: she will visit Ankara on Sunday, but does intends not let forcing the hand.

First, the exemption would only apply to businessmen or students. The findings discussed at the EU summit Thursday stressed the balance and reciprocity of commitments with Ankara, “Their effective implementation will contribute to an acceleration in the implementation of the visa liberalization implementation,” the statement said cautiously. Clearly, Europe is ready to give a lot to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a bargain at two weeks of general elections in Turkey. But she expects strong safeguards and wants to judge on parts.

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