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Migraine: three genes identified

INSERM Unit 708 of the Pitie Salpetriere in Paris, has in collaboration with international teams, to identify three genes that are associated with an increased risk of migraine. This result opens up significant possibilities, was obtained from the genetic data of 23 203 women and confirmed by other studies, conducted with a male population.

The authors, have identified direct associations between migraine and the presence of three variants of specific genes. These genes respectively TRPM8, LRP1, PRDM16. “This association is observed for all forms of migraine, which gives these results are of general scope, “explains Tobias Kurthn, Director of Unit 708.

This work can also penetrate a little further the mysteries of migraine. “Although the mechanisms remain poorly understood and her underlying causes are difficult to identify, identification of these common denominators sheds light on the biological origins of this disease, both common and debilitating, ” Tobias Kurth said. It encourages the scientific community to conduct studies that would explain the specific contributions of these genes. According to INSERM, nearly 20% of the French population would be affected by migraine.


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