Middle East: towards a third intifada, really

► What is an intifada ?
To understand the clashes that shook Jerusalem and the West Bank, we must go back to December 7, 1987 and killing an Israeli officer in Gaza. The next day, an Israeli truck hits a Palestinian car, killing three. Accident for some, for others reprisals, the act triggers the start of the intifada (uprising “in Arabic). The conflict became famous with the images of hundreds of young Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli forces. Balance Sheet, after six years of conflict. 1,100 Palestinians killed and about thirty Israeli soldiers and settlers forty Not until the Oslo peace accords to calm the spirits … to visit Ariel Sharon on the Temple Mount in September 2000. This is the beginning of the second Intifada and 5,600 deaths.

► Why are we talking ? these days of a third intifada
Since the beginning of the year, the Middle East is regularly rocked by sporadic violence since the balance sheet if the beginning of the year. – 31 dead side Palestinian and 8 Israeli side – is still far from previous conflicts, the turn of events in recent days worries the experts, diplomats and the international community. “A third intifada is underway,” wrote the influential Israeli daily Monday Haaretz . The Daybook can not give him right in the evening, Israel demolished two Palestinian homes to punish perpetrators of attacks and implement the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu without thank you to suppress the outbreak of the current violence

What solutions to prevent a conflagration of the conflict

Therein lies the problem: the authorities appear on both sides of breath, unable to stop the spiral of violence. The diplomatic process, he is at a standstill. The Palestinian authorities are widely discredited and corrupt to pass. And Israeli colonization continues, as the suffering of Gaza under blockade.

► Uncertainty Abbas …
Mahmoud Abbas can he calm spirits Palestinian side? Hard to say, the President announced that the UN did not consider itself bound by more agreements with Israel. However, the termination of the agreement would threaten the territory of chaos or Hamas takeover, warn experts. Mahmoud Abbas, hostile to violence, can it go that far? Many ordinary Palestinians are tired of wars and violence repeatedly. But what these Palestinians they exert control over young people?

► … facing the intransigence of Netanyahu
To say that the position Binyamin Netanyahu is uncomfortable: since the legislative March, he is the head of one of the most right-wing governments in history, forcing him to promise during the campaign that there would be no Palestinian state if re-elected. Since then, “Bibi” has declared “war” with the stone throwers, relaxed the rules for opening fire in Jerusalem, and promised to make greater use of imprisonment without charge or trial. At the same time, he denies wanting to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount and poses as guarantor of the status quo on the site. Finally, the strong man of Israel is subject to multiple pressures: those of his religious nationalist government partners which ensure a parliamentary minority with one voice, that of the settler lobby, or those of Egypt and Jordan, the only two Arab countries to have signed peace with Israel.

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